Hospitality English Course

"Duration – 2 months (4 day x 2 hour x 8 weeks  =  64 ) hours {Class room contact hours}"
The purpose of this course is to enhance candidates’ effective communication skill related to Hospitality and Tourism industry. The classes are available from entry level of using English as a second communicative language and the way up to higher level.
Hospitality English Course Outline
1. Starting a Conversation
2. Taking Room Reservation
3. Taking Restaurant Booking
4. Receiving Guests
5. Giving Information about In House Services
6. Giving Direction for Indoor and Outdoor
7. Taking Food and Drinks Orders
8. Describing Dishes and Upselling
9. Dealing with Guests Request and Complaints
10. Payment Queries
Placement test is taken place initially for the candidates to attend the right level of the course.
The course is delivered student-centered approach with Audio-visual, Individual presentation, Group discussion, Role play, Debates and many more activities. Candidate assessment is done after each month and assessed with not only written and listening, also with oral and other activities.

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