International Culinary Course

 "{30% Theory +70% Practical }  Duration 10 weeks x 12 hours =120 hours"
The course is designed to prepare learners to enter professional food production career with knowledge and skill required of a skillful cook. Either you would like to pursue a career as professional chef in the industry or would like to set up your own restaurant, the course fully guarantees that you walk out with confidence and skill.


Culinary Course outline

1. Hygiene
2. Personal grooming
3. Food safety
4. Kitchen Organization
5. Duties and responsibilities
6. Kitchen Layout
7. Safety in the kitchen
8. Cutting methods & Cooking methods
9. Kitchen Utensils and equipment
10. Menu Planning & Costing
11. Asian Cuisine (Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Singapore, Korean, Japanese)
12. European (Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, German, Mexican, American)
13. Salad, Soup & Main Course (50-60 dishes)
Our spacious training kitchen with the state of art facilities will ensure that you master the skill required to start the career. The course covers both Asian and European cuisine so you can opt to work any field of your choice.

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