Housekeeping Service Course

Accommodation is the main reason guest come to stay in a hotel. Cleanliness, comfort and maintenance plays important role to keep customers coming back. Completing this course will give learners qualification to look forward to working in hotel housekeeping department as room attendant, public area attendant, laundry and linen attendant. You will even acquire concept on guest room interior design and layout. Professional knowledge and skill learned from linen and laundry operation, chemical and equipment usage, all can add to a qualification to start related business.

Course Outline:

  1. Clean and prepare guest room
  2. Provide housekeeping service
  3. Lost and found service
  4. Public area cleaning
  5. Workplace safety and security
  6. Occupational health and safety
  7. Industrial Laundry operation
  8. Housekeeping stock and storage
  9. Hospitality Industry Knowledge
  10. Quality customer service
  11. Hospitality English
  12. Team work
  13. Telephone communication
  14. Equipment, chemical and cleaning methods
  15. Guest room layout and design

MHTi has a mock-up guest room for the students to get practical skill and its partner hotel is also available for real work experience.